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 interior design

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Gavin is known for his bold combinations of both the modern and what is a quintessentially English layered style.

Creating for clients’ practical houses that are clever and individual, yet soft, romantic with real charm.

If you are looking for the ‘international beige on beige’, look away, for Gavin Houghton’s English interior design craft reveals a passion for combining colour, pattern, texture, the artisan and all things decorative.

He might call himself ‘Classic with a twist’ but this understates his bold and refined eye. Gavin has an unusual British eclecticism that is of today, yet based on a sophisticated ability to combine different historical eras, using the vintage and the modern, the geometric and the floral, to create interiors of character. Or, as Gavin says modestly, “I just like a room to smile.”

Gavin Houghton’s journey is a typical creative zigzag. Born in Hertfordshire, he left art school in London to work in fashion, designing menswear. He then joined the World of Interiors magazine as an editorial stylist, when the illustrious Min Hogg was editor. Headhunted by David Collins Studios, for a stint helping the Bar and Restaurant Interior Designer, he was then lured back to Condé Nast, as the Art Director of Vogue Promotions working for clients such as Moet & Chandon, Chanel, Estée Lauder and Crème de la Mer. Gavin then launched his interior practise in 2008.

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